Moisturiser for Dry Pigmented Lips

Moisturiser for Dry Pigmented Lips

Virgin coconut oil is extracted from the fruit of fresh, mature coconuts without using high temperatures or any chemicals. Especially in south India, coconut oil is made in almost very houses for their use instead of buying. Processing time can last for about a week depending on the sunlight.


  • natural moisturizer. It just locks the moisture of our lips and makes soft and hydrated.
  • contains SPF, so it is a natural sunscreen that protects our lips from the harmful sun rays.
  • antibacterial.
  • treats chapped lips.
  • aids skin repair and heals damaged lips.

Therefore it is a good product for dry pigmented lips.

How To Use

  • Store it in a roll on glass bottle, preferrably small sized bottle.
  • Roll on to your lips morning, noon and night.
  • But you can apply it any number of times at any time of the day, but remember it is a little greasy.

My Experience

I am using coconut oil for about a month now and I could see a big difference. Dryness have reduced a lot. Pigmentation is fading. No chemicals included as it is naturally made, so its safe. But if you are allergic, please stay away from this. Fragrance is mild. The oil moisturizes and nourishes my lips. I feel a little sticky after the application but for dry lips, its okay. Its affordable and you can carry it anywhere if stored in small bottle. I am very much happy with coconut oil on my lips. Since its natural, you need to be patient for its result and you can continue using this product for long and you only need a little product.

I highly recommend this to all. Just try it and let me know your experience...


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